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Kenny, what? (Episode 4 spoilers)

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Why did Kenny say I never did anything for him near the end of episode 4? Hate to be that guy but my experience was ruined because Kenny and I have been bros for life in this game. I backed him up on everything, always thought of the group and made sure his family was taken care of. At the end of this one he claims I wasn't there for him and that I didn't care about the group and only myself.

I don't get it, how the hell did he come to this conclusion? There's no way this was a static thing, unaffected by choice. It's too much of a ballsy claim for it to be. Why is he acting this way? I can gurantee that I did everything Kenny would have wanted me to do, or asked me to do without question. Is it a bug or is there one teeny weeny decision that just tipped the scales.

'Cause I killed the hell out of Larry. I backed him up against Lilly all the time. Claimed he was the groups leader. Bah, it just aggrovates me to see my choices get blown up in my face by a character I had grown to appreciate through these 4 episodes.

Edit: In my blind rage of episode 4 'hate' :P I failed to see the same discussion below, my bad. <3

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