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Why didn't you let me hug Clem?

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Man, I really wanted to give Clem a hug near the end, so sad as she was. I even reloaded an earlier save because I misclicked and failed to pick [Reach Out]. And then Lee completely fails to do that and Clem curls up and starts crying. God I wanted to punch him in the face right there.
I'm angry at you Telltale people for making Lee totally useless in that situation and for making me care in the first place.
And yes, I registered specifically to post this.

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  • If I knew he was just going to put his hand out like that I would have picked a different one I think. That was sad though, especially after spending all that time to try and raise her right and have it fall apart, after promising to go look for her parents and then not following through.

  • Exactly, if I knew Lee was gonna be a useless ass I would have went with "I'm sorry" but noooo. Now she just ended up crying and disappearing...

  • Yeah, [Reach Out] was a fail. I thought Lee was reaching out to hug her. When he failed to comfort her and left the walkie talkie nearby, it was pretty contrived. I knew Clem had to get abducted to move the story along, but that was just a bad, forced scene.

  • Like the above user, I felt the same. Totally thought [Reach Out] was going to turn in to a hug. She really needed one! ;_;

  • Yeah, to me the delivery of the story went off the rails at this point. :(

    Clem starts crying, Lee pulls this limp-armed 'reach out' attempt, then just walks away, conveniently places her walkie-talkie out in the open and sits on the sofa staring at a wall while she's sobbing until he falls asleep? Seriously? After all they've been through together, Lee just turns into a robot?

    I was disappointed. They could have completed that scene with all the necessary plot elements in a far more meaningful way. I suspect they were rushing to meet a deadline. I can't imagine why else they'd completely drop their otherwise flawless standards in delivering a great narrative. 'Shame it had to be at such a crucial moment in the story. :(

  • Glad I never promised her anything about her parents. I pinned all my hopes on a boat and told her as much. Needless to say, my heart dropped when Ken and I reached the waterfront...

  • I blame the animation on this. I thought she was going to reject my hand or slap it away. I like the scene, but don't think it was communicated in the action.

  • Yeah I really though that's what "Reach Out" implied.
    A comforting hug.
    Instead I get an emotionally-stunted Lee giving an incredibly awkward reaching motion.

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