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I hate you, TellTale. I really do.

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1. I'm a grown-ass man. When I told Clem that we might not have time to search for her parents, and she started crying, turned away from me when I tried to reach out....... I almost teared up. I'm a grown-ass man and nearly cried because of this. I hate you, TTG.

2. This isn't a game. It's a damn awful experience. I spend the whole time worrying about the people in the group and what could happen to them. I get angry when something might happen to Clem. I worry and fret even after I get through.

3. See #1. I've played games for a long time. A LONG time. (I had a Magnavox Odyessy 2 - look it up.) There have been plenty of games that I've enjoyed and loved playing. Some, I play multiple times because I enjoy it. But, TTG, I have never CARED for a game, more specifically the characters in the game. You have accomplished what - in my opinion - no one ever has before: You made players give a damn about the game, not just a "I don't want my characters to die because I spent a lot of time building up their stats" either; but I honestly don't want anything bad to happen to them. Even that idiot Ben. I saved him. I still believed that Lilly could be saved, too - at least until she drove off with the RV.

4. But, most importantly, I hate you because Lee got bit. How can you do that to us? What if we don't find Clem's mom? What will happen to Clem? That dork Omid? Kenny? Certainly not Kenny. Who will protect her?

You're all a bunch of ass holes. Thanks for making the best game I have ever played. ( I still hate you. )

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  • Couldn't agree more brother. This game made me cry too.

  • Oh, my God, seriously.

    When I was playing episode four, it really hit home just how fucking deep this game bit me. I was tired of Kenny's erratic behavior, because I needed a cool, level-headed wing man - but at the same time, I cared about Duck and Katjaa, and I mourned their deaths. I wanted to break Ben's nose when he let me down, again and again, and yet I saved his life - because I was Goddamn tired of watching people die.

    On one hand, the game can be a bit buggy and clunky and the release dates have been murder. On the other - this has to be the most touching, heavy game I have ever had the good fortune to experience. This may be one of the best games I have ever played, period, for sheer storytelling content. When I'm playing a new episode, I'm completely Lee - I'm in his head, and I'm always thinking, worried about everybody else in the group, sick and tired of seeing my friends die, and damned determined to keep Clementine safe. I've never rewound gameplay, or played an episode more than once, because this is my story, and it's composed of my spur-of-the-moment and carefully weighted decisions alike.

    Personally, I'd like to shake the hand of every single TTG employee that brought this game and this story into the world. It gives me a lot of hope for the future of gaming as a medium of art and magnificent storytelling, as good as any novel or film.

  • Episode 4 was the best one yet, Felt kinda sad playing.
    I was really drawn into the world though.

  • This game. Oh man, this game. It has a different level of immersion, it's amazing. Episode 4 deserves a 10/10, the best one so far. Gary Whitta and TTG, I applaud you. You deserve every bit of attention you're getting.

  • I'd be lying if I said I haven't rewound/replayed some parts of the game to tailor to my liking. It ruins the immersion for some, but half of the fun I feel is seeing how different choices make different impacts - and which ones are simply the illusion of choice.

    But, yeah, I didn't think Episode 4 could hit harder than Episode 3. But unlike episode 3, which was just a "kill 'em all off" episode, this one accomplished so much more. We're really starting to see the impact of the choices thus far way down on the survivors. Kenny's teetering over the edge, Ben's guilt is crashing down on him, and Lee...Jesus christ, Lee. That ending just...Damn.

    While I might have trouble putting it into words, this is definitely some of the most feels I've felt from a game ever. God damn you, Telltale.

  • Agreed friend. This game is a truly beautiful thing, and I have never cared more for characters than I have while playing this game.

    I truly feel like Lee with each new Episode that is released. During the bandit raid I said "oh shit" so many times I lost count. As I backed up the stairs in the church tower, covering my friends as they made their way safely up to the roof, my shouts of glee quickly turned to despair as I realized how many walkers there actually were. I was so engrossed, I forgot Lee had to survive until the next Episode was released. When his foot fell through the stairs, I truly thought he was about to meet his maker and I began spewing insults at the walkers on my screen.

    I held Ben for a few seconds after he begged me to let him go, saying that we both know what has to happen. As I let go and he plummeted to the ground, I felt fortunate that the fall had killed him...until I heard him screaming and realized that his legs were broken. I truly felt like I murdered Ben during that scene. When Kenny said I did the "right thing" back at the house, I was so angry at him I told my monitor to shut the fuck up.

    My friendship with Kenny has actually been one of the best things about this game, but especially because he is changing with each episode. He's fallen so far from the kind man I knew in Episode 1 to the cold-hearted, judgemental survivalist he now is. I feel more sad for him than anything else, especially now that Kat and Duck were taken from him in such a horrible way. If he had been like this in Episode 1, we never would have gotten so close.

    Kudos to Telltale for making a truly spectacular story with truly spectacular and realistic characters. I can't wait to see where Episode 5 goes. tl;dr this game is rgeat.

  • How about when Lee got bitten?

    At first when he was going "No...No...Fuck..." I assumed he was thinking Clem was dead.

    And then I saw his wrist.

    The feelings going through my mind. My eyes rolling around on the floor. My lap that is now bruised from my jaw slamming into it.

  • Oh yeah. Thanks for ruining Savannah, too. I'll never be able to walk back to the hotel, slightly intoxicated, from River Street again. Thanks ass holes!

  • Episode 4 is my new favorite. 4, 2, 3, 1.

  • I agree, this game has brought out more emotional responses from me than I thought were possible. I've teared up at some scenes and got completely irate at others, so much I screamed at my TV.

    Amazing job TTG!!

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