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Why isn't CSI: Hard Evidence listed on the Telltale homepage?

posted by RockNRoll on - last edited - Viewed by 236 users

It seems strange to have the old one there and not the new one. Also, making it downloadable would be super cool

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  • "We are hoping to add the game to our online store soon, but it takes a little longer than putting one of our self-published games in because we have to order them from Ubisoft and then ship them to our warehouse. It might be a few weeks before everything's in place, so if you're dying to get your hands on it before then, try one of the stores Dangerzone mentioned. Best Buy has it too."

  • Yep, that. Once it's in the store, we'll have links to it on the site, too.

    I meant to do a blog this week announcing that it was out but ran out of time. There may also be a designer diary blog coming at some point.

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