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(PS3) Can't play walking dead , says I need to activate ep 1

posted by inferno22351 on - Viewed by 174 users

Ok so I'v played Walking dead all the way up to episode 3 and just downloaded 4 and when I go to play it, it says I need to activate episode 1. I bought the Season Pass awhile back and it worked fine up until now. I go to click get now on activate and it shows i need rebuy episode 1. If I go to the season pass it also shows I need to rebuy that. When I check my transactions it shows I paid for the season pass and I can even redownload episodes 2,3, and 4 for free. Only episode 1 and the season pass do I have to rebuy them according to psn or even when I go to them from within the game. Any help is appreciated.

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