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Silent Lee ep.4 lols

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so i just finished my ep.4 of my do nothing Lee (never do anything optional and always stay silent)
and I got some pretty strange dialogue regarding Ben

See, I never even technically got to choose to "let go" of Ben
when the walker ringing the bell grabbed him i just stood there, ran out of time and the walker managed to pull him off the edge
Kenny never even came back to see it happen

then Kenny said I did what needed to be done with Ben back at the house!
and Vernon acts like I killed him

and the WEIRDEST part is at the very end, when were all outside, Kenny refuses to go with me (since i just stood there silently when Duck was being attacked in ep.1, when Larry was yelling, when he wanted to kill Larry etc. and i didnt even try to convince him to come with me)
he says hes going to get the boat ready and Lee asks; "And there will be room for all of us? Me and Ben too?"

just lol...

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