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[Spoiler] The hell is with back pockets in this game?

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So in episode 4, my favourite scene (by far) is when Molly gives Lee the GIANT car battery finally, and he immediately puts it... in his back pocket. What the hell? How is that a thing?

Then there's the scene where you're running through the armory (bell tower) and suddenly Kenny has the rifle that I guess he's been carrying since you took out the St. John's. Where's he been keeping THAT?!

It just seems like a game that tries to be relatively realistic (minus the whole zombie thing, obviously) could have spent some time coding in, oh, I dunno, a _backpack_. I will admit though, the whole back pocket thing is making me laugh hilariously.

It's one thing to pick up like the shovel at the house and not see Lee holding it always - whatever, lots of games do that. But in an actually programmed scene, lol...

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