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  • How long does it take you to write up these things?!

  • hell if i know..... a friend of mine is writing the walkthroughs for this game, all i am doing is posting them anywhere there is room

    i guess he took a few hours to write this up, an i know he has already played the game three times.... lol

  • This is wonderful - thank you! those fricking thoroughness points were starting to get me irate!

  • how do i turn html on so i can print the walkthrough for Case 1 of Hard Evidence?

  • [quote=cindi3707;43101]how do i turn html on so i can print the walkthrough for Case 1 of Hard Evidence?[/quote]


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    hi all!
    it seems like the window of the windmill isnt opend... and i cant open it. about which of the three windows are we talking anyway? i'm stuck.... when i click on the green arrow that shows to the windmill theres just nothing. i cant click on anything when i stand right before the lower window of the windmill.
    i hope somebody can help me out.

  • the big wooden door is what opens.... and if it is not open, then you did not get the warrant form brass :rolleyes:

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    well i surely did!!!! but its just not opening. wait... i'll just recheck that.

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