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[OVER-SPOILER] Who are ***** and ***** and ...?

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*** WARNING ***

There are spoilers and there are OVER-spoilers.

Spoiler is when you tell the story elements to people who did not play the game or did not finish it.

OVER-spoiler is when you spoil the story to people who FINISHED IT.


I took a look at TELLTALE .ttarch game files, which are the game data archives I extracted with third party obscure MS-DOS tools, and I found some stuff...




- you should read all the pages of this thread to dig into the most plausible stories of ep. 5
- The mystery man at the burial now has a name! AND A FACE!
- Included info on a mysterious Jeff zombie
- Now with pictures included in this thread! Look further!
- I let the names of the people who were unnamed in Episode 4, so you can now who they were. Learn more about the attic kid, Vernon's group and the Crawford leader!

Spoilers & Insights:

So, basically, I found some skeleton and 3D Mesh files wearing the name of characters or elements of the game...

I found names I never met in the game. They are:

- Fivel. The 3D mesh body files for this guy point out he has his head either shot or smashed. The texture file designate the kid in the attic. So, his name was Fivel, not just "Kid". It's best to have a name for the pray when you burry someone.

- Joyce. CONFIRMED NEW CHARACTER. Very few info on her... But she has a face! :D Picture now available!

- a guy named "Campman". HE IS THE MYSTERIOUS GUY STARING AT YOU DURING THE BURIAL! Picture now available!

Could he be related to the camp in the TV show, or similar? Could that mean you think the end of story will be about a boat, but in fact Clem will join a camp?? COULD HER MOTHER BE THERE??? Over speculation here, but obviously, if there is a campman, there is a camp, and there is a man. My bet is that Clem's fate, and so at least two endings, could be to go on the boat, or in the camp! Or just in the camp, and screw the boat (are they gonna push it in the streets anyway?)

- Boyd. No spoil here. It is the name of one of the black guys in Vernon's group. The other black guy in Vernon's group is named Clive. No pics, you know them.

- Oberson, The crawford leader. He is the guy hanging at the bell in the Crawford school, there is a rope mesh file namely for him. No pics, you know him. He is confirmed plain dead.

Other files mention guys named:

- David.

According to the wiki, David refers to three characters from the Comic Series, one from The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, and one from the Video Game, an actor from the TV Series, and two crew members.

From the Game, he is the teacher who got killed in Ep2. It would make sense as the files related to him in Ep.4 are all about "pain". They could be ghost files left here unattended. Highly probable, considering there are still files from episode 2.

- Andy with the particularity he is "happy", "angry" and "busted". We suppose so far he is the guy from Andrew St John's farm as pointed out by Galdis. Otherwise, in the TV Show, after Ethan came back from a failed mission, Andy, along with David, was killed by Negan, leader of The Saviors, because he didn't get enough supplies (wiki)

- Jeff. There are files for a zombie named "Jeff". Why? Who knows. Picture included so you can have some clues... There is a Jeff character in the TV show according to the wiki.

Also, in the dialog files, TTG was clever enough to name The Radio Guy, "RadioVoice". Damn you TellTale xD

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