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Axe bug Ep. 2 walking dead

posted by Frozone on - Viewed by 220 users

I brought TWD game seasson pass as soon as it was released for PC via steam, there is one massive flaw though, everytime i try to play Ep.2 i just get a black screen showing my axe at the left hand side, ive left it sat on this screen for an hour or two before but nothing happens, i cant even get to the menu and have to Alt-F4 or end task. Can someone please help me with this. I have tried a variety of means to fix this such as :
Un-install and redowload
Deleted Ep.1 Playthrough and got back to Ep.2
Verified game cache intergrity on steam
copied file to game slot 2+3 and tried to play from their.

This is now a joke. I only wish to enjoy the rest of the game. Please help!

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