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The Walking Dead only letting me use one save slot

posted by Mexpha on - last edited - Viewed by 272 users

So after completing the playthrough of episode 4 I decided to start a new save file. I most definitely pressed on a completely empty save slot, and in the chapter selection brought me all the way to episode 5, which I found a bit odd. I selected episode 1 as I was planning to just start a whole new playthrough anyway, and bag the achievements along the way, as they didn't unlock for me the first time round. It said I will lose progress I had already made if I reverted back, at this point I backed out and even double checked I pressed on a completely empty save spot. Same thing happened so I assumed this message will always appear if you have a save slot that has already made the progress, so I continued on. After being done playing for a little bit, I return and to my shock, find as though it's only letting me use 1 save game, I've even triple checked now and every time I try to use another save slot it just keeps overwriting my 1st one. Am I the only one having this issue?

I understand you can't get my save data back, but I really hope making you aware of this bug will get it fixed somehow, I'd really like to do another playthrough without erasing my data.

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  • Same thing here. The game will only let me access save game 1. I have a save game 2 where I'm making all the opposite choices to see how the game goes and now can't access it.

    edit.... for anyone looking at this. what worked for me is by replaying the last chapter. Once I replayed the last chapter I could again access the other save game files.

  • had the same problem, i am so pissed just wasted my time playing the other slots, i tried to fix it that way but kept running into the same problem, my other save slots were there but would only let me use 1 i even tried to delete one and start a new game but still kept bringing me back to the same slot. deleted all of them cus the story it kept bringing me back to wasnt the first choices i made. after finishing the 1 st episode it still would only let me use one save slot. pretty mad about this!

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