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The Hoops I Jumped Through To Play Ep4...

posted by dankirk on - Viewed by 162 users

I had the same problems that most on here had:

About 80% of the time, when I launched TWD, I got the No License error... I would then Alt-F4 to close the game and re-start. When I would finally get to the menu, I would click on GET for Ep4, and immediately get the Connection Lost message, at 0% downloaded... I emailed TTG Support, waited two days, and never got a response. Problems persisted...

I backed up my TWD saved games folder.

I manually downloaded the 9 files from the sticky at the top of this forum.

I pasted the 9 files into both Telltale folders:

C:\Users\****s\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\SyncFs\Data\WalkingDead104


C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead\GameData\Pack\WalkingDead104

I started (and closed and re-started...) TWD, and when I went to Download Content, Ep4 was listed as Installed

When I clicked Play for Ep4, the game froze, with a completely black screen and an pointer that wouldn't move.

I Ctrl-Alt-Del'ed, shut down TWD from my Task list, and re-started the game.

The game restarted in a small window, and acted as if I had never played, and save games were gone. But, Ep4 would start! It just asked if I wanted to use random choices...

I then closed the game, and copied my pref.prop file from my backed up TWD saved games folder, and pasted (replaced) it into my current TWD saved games folder.

When I restarted TWD, it opened full screen, my old preferences were back, my saved games were there, and I was able to play Ep4 with all my prior choices intact!

It was great to be able to play, but WHY is it so difficult to install and play this episode????


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