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3 Files 1 Save [Episode 4 Possible Spoilers]

posted by CocaColin on - Viewed by 90 users

Alright, so I'm aware of the whole saves being erased, not recognized, etc, on the 360. Today, I wanted to try out a different ending, making the whole group come with me to look for Clementine so that when Episode 5 came out, I'd be able to play through it twice with two different outcomes. I obviously didn't want to rewind my main save, so I copied it and put it in spot 2. I went to play on spot 2 and rewound to "Ben Screws Ups". It told told me if I was sure because any progress after this point would be gone. Knowing it was the second save, I hit yes. I got nothing except a black screen. After five minutes I dashboarded, went back, tried again, and got the same outcome. I decided to just replay Episode 4 on save 3 with random choices. So I selected Episode 4, but on save spot 3, it then started me with where I chose to rewound on Spot 2. I decided to play it through anyway, but then when I got to the main menu again, Spot 1 was gone, Spot 2 had completely opposite choices of mine (I checked the stats), and Spot 3 was still at Episode 4, "Ben Screws Up." Does anyone have a way to fix this? Pretty much by trying on Save 2, I lost Save 1, and Save 3 wasn't changed.

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