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Telltale's Season 1 DVD Box already arrived in Europe?

posted by barnacleboy on - last edited - Viewed by 99 users

still haven't got my season 1 dvd box from telltale - any troubles when shipping to europe?

in june i've ordered the season 1 dvd and a poster. they shipped it 21st july (#5436672800), but it never arrived here in austria until now. because i've bought the shirt when season 1 came out december last year and got it in february 2007, i thought it's not unusual to wait 2 months for this parcel - but now i'm afraid that i'll never get the delivery...:(

i don't think it's your fault guys, but is there any possibility to track the delivery?

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  • Nope, there's no way to track international packages. It can sometimes take 4-5 weeks to reach Europe, but even so, you should have received it by now.

    Please email with your order number and we will send you a replacement.

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