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Injustice: Gods Among Us thread

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Well, since there's a thread for Sony Smash Bros Ripoff, I figured I'd start a thread for NetherRealm Studios' DC Universe fighting game coming out April of next year. I can't get over how excited I am for this game. It looks fantastic and, most importantly, fun. The only way I'd be more excited was if the roster was twice its size and was 50% DC/50% Marvel. Top it off with the fact that Ed Boon has stated that they have the voice actors from the various animated series and games providing voices, and you have fan-service all over. So guys, what characters are you hoping to see? What stages? Who are you likely to play as most?

Characters revealed thus far:
Batman(definitely voiced by Kevin Conroy)
Wonder Woman
Green Arrow
Green Lantern(Hal Jordon)
Harley Quinn(she sounds like Tara Strong's version in the trailers thus far)
Solomon Grundy
The Joker(very unlikely to be voiced by Mark Hamill)

Stages revealed thus far:
The Batcave
Fortress of Solitude
"Future City" which I hypothesize is actually Metropolis judging by the appearance of the Daily Planet during the Green Arrow trailer...unless there are two city stages that happen to look alike.
LexCorp? Just going by the fact that it's seen to have a power suit similar to Lex's in it.
Arkham Asylum

Can't speak to who I expect to be filling out the rest of the roster, but I'm hoping for a few more female characters to even things out, such as Raven, Starfire, Zatanna, Black Canary, Cheetah, Circe, and Star Sapphire. I would also LOVE to see Swamp Thing. As for stages, fully expecting Themyscira, Oa, perhaps a Gotham City rooftops stage. I'm personally not sure who my main character will be. It WAS going to be Batman, but that was before they showed how Green Arrow played. He looks like a lot of fun. Now if we can just get a trailer for Green Lantern and Joker.

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