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Ep4 Xbox 360 - No option to select storage device, no saves

posted by redrings on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users

I can't tell if this is the same issue that other people are having or not, there seems to be a few different things going on so here's what is going on with me:

After downloading episode 4 and then starting the game, it no longer asks me to select a storage device when the game first starts. When I try to start a game it acts as if no saves exist. I tried copying my save file from the cloud storage to the hard drive, but that didn't help at all. Right now my only option is to start episode 4 with random choices, which is not ideal at all. I went searching for a fix to this problem and some ahole through a major ep 4 spoiler into a thread just to be a dick. I hate people. Sucks I had to see that because the game is broken. I see the PS3 got a patch - when can we expect one for the 360, and will it address the issue of it not asking for the storage device?

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