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Just checking if this is just me.

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I'm also playing on the PC.
My saves are technically still there, the only actual problem is.
well it goes like this, it's not really a big problem.
But all my saves goes weird like this.

EPISODE 4 (on end chapter)
EPISODE 3 (this is supposed to say Episode 4)
EPISODE 4 (On Chapter 6)
lets say, I decide to see what happened to my second playthrough and the last game i was playing on was with my 3rd playthough, it would start from my third playthough was on.

and when i exit out of it it'll just reset back to normal.


In all seriousness, it's not really a problem, because it'll reset after i just play and exit to the menu, but it'll do this again whenever I decide to play TWD again.

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