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[TWD] Everything's been overwritten (Xbox)

posted by SInisterCheshire on - last edited - Viewed by 304 users

I opened up Walking Dead on my xbox, flipped over to chapter 4 with my save game and hit play.

The game proceeded to load chapter 1, and save over my old game.

Now i've lost all of it. at a loss for words at this point. Not worth randomly generating a story.

and even now when I try to select chapter goes straight to chapter 1.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    From what you've described I'm not sure if this will work, but may be worth a try:

    [*]Go into the game.
    [*]Log out of your gamertag.
    [*]Log back in. This should take you to the main game screen and prompt you for a save game location (cloud or HDD).
    [*]Your saved games should show up now.

    Also make sure that you have the Title Update, which is required to access episodes beyond the first one.

    This thread has further detail from Telltale support.

  • Hey Puzzlebox!

    thanks very much, it did work. It still displayed it as "Chapter 1" in my save game, but it allowed me to load chapter 4 and had seemed to have all of my choices intact.

    thanks again!

    - Cheshire

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