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What triggered the explosion of zombie virus?

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I just feel confused,no matter TV shows or Games,both of them haven't gave a clear explanation about the origin of this virus. I list some possible causes,if you have new reasonable accounts, I'll add them in.:)

1. It's hard to explain,just like SARS or H5N1,they appeared suddenly without clear reason

2. Some bad guy are experimenting a new type of bio-weapon,but unexpected as well as uncontrollable changes happened during the process

3. These things are intentionally triggered by some anti-society powers


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  • Who says it's a virus? The zombies keep functioning after massive internal damage.

    Hell, severed heads stay alive with no organs supporting them and people that hang themselves still return and grasp at survivors even though supposedly the neck is severed and there's no way nerve impulses can travel uninterrupted down the spine.

    The causes and circumstances of zombie outbreaks aren't really something that stands up under scrutiny, just take it for what it is and be glad you have stuff to shoot.

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    so it's impossible in real world?

    Can't it be like this: infected by virus--series changes happened in body--mutation--zombie

    Now,zombie is a totally different specie that never exists on earth before,as you said,their brain can function all alone when they are departed from their body.

  • IIRC Kirkman's said he'll probably never reveal the origin of the epidemic as it would delve into the realm of "magic."

    We are talking about the dead coming back to life after all.

  • We are being punished. Maybe God looked down one day and decided he/she did'nt like the way things were going, thought maybe we were getting a little too big for our britches, and decided to remind us just who was in charge around here. As good an explanation as any.

  • From what I read in the "Zombie Survival Guide" one of the most realistic approaches to the explanation of zombies is that it is a viral infection caused by a virus known as Solanum. Paraphrasing here, the virus causes skin degradation and massive neural damage to the brain. It pretty much wipes out all complex thought processes and leaves you with one basic instinct, feeding hunger. Also, zombies are uncoordinated because they lack the brain power in understanding how they "should" move.

    It gets very detailed and this is not a universal way I look at zombies but just a possible approach to their existence in fiction.

    As for TWD since everyone is already infected, my thoughts are that we have some dormant virus in our bodies we are born with, since we do have ancient viruses coded in our DNA, that have been "switched on". Basically the virus won't go into effect until the brain just about shuts down is does and then the virus goes to work powering only the most limited functions - mobility and hunger. The question still remains, how or why did the virus awaken? Perhaps this is evolution, giving humans a second stage in life?

    Just my two cents.

  • How do Zombies stay so...Strong?? deteriorating muscles after being dead for month's (years in the comic) don't get affected? Bones weakening? Joints? lol.

  • @TrueXus said: How do Zombies stay so...Strong?? deteriorating muscles after being dead for month's (years in the comic) don't get affected? Bones weakening? Joints? lol.

    they don't stay strong. Some of them found are very decayed, and cannot even move. (in TWD comic)

  • Easy, Necromancer, no doubt about it.

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    #7,so far,the most reasonable explanation I've seen !!

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