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Choices youve regretted or rewound for

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Well, playing my natural decisions game, in hindsight, theres quite a few things I regret and probably will be a few more by the time I play Ep.5

Didnt realize there were 4 energy bars in the store, found 2, gave 1 to Clem, forgot about the other one
Wish I hadnt sided with Kenny from the beginning until mid ep.2
Gave Mark food... that was pointless
Thought I would have had more time to fix the swing at the dairy, didnt though : /
At dinner time, I yelled "It's... people!" because thats what the guy in Soylent Green did... that failed to get Clem to spit out the food though.
Not feeding Duck... his death was depressing.
I got punched once by Kenny, shoulda taken him down sooner
Shooting the walker off of Kenny in the street, also, I was generally neutral with my comments towards Kenny, wish I had been more rude to him
Wish I had treated Ben worse from the beginning, I still saved him and still would, but he deserves being belittled for being just so damn stupid
I should have been nicer to Christa, seems like a descent person after all

Ive only rewound twice, once was for a dialogue glitch, because I clicked on 1 thing, the game lagged, clicked on another and both dialogues initiated at the same time so i couldnt respond to one of them
the other was when Molly beat me up, the game crashed in the alley, so I had no choice but to go back and managed to beat her (the one thing I actually changed, but wouldnt have if it hadnt crashed)

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