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An All-Adventure Insecticide 2?

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Mike Levine, co-creator of Insecticide with Larry Ahern, posted a question on the Mixnmojo forums:

Hey, Larry Ahern and I have been tossing the idea around of a new Insecticide game, this time losing the action and making it more of a pure adventure game. Curious how many people would be into this? Should we join the trend and do a Kickstarter?? Or can everyone just mail us bags of cash so we don't have to give KS 1/3 of the money?! Anyway, we really want to bring Chrys and Roachy back to life ... their's was kind of cut short, and they have a lot of bugs left to squash!!

Would people like to see this happen? If so let us know!




I'd personally love to see this happen, as I loved the world and I really liked the adventure portions of the game. I'm on kickstarter fatigue though, so if they do decide to go the kickstarter route, I hope it's not for a while so I can get back on my feet financially. Once I am though, I'll gladly pledge at a higher tier for this (on a hypothetical big box tier, preferably :D).

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  • I'd be all for this, but I don't know if Insecticide is well-known enough to really garner much attention, sadly.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    @Darth Marsden said: I'd be all for this, but I don't know if Insecticide is well-known enough to really garner much attention, sadly.

    Larry Ahern might be enough of a pull for adventure game veterans though, as he was the co-project leader of The Curse of Monkey Island (and Mike Levine is a LucasArts veteran). That, and the character designs and backgrounds have a very Grim Fandango/Psychonauts feel to them.

    The fact that it's a pure adventure game might lure people out that passed on the first Insecticide too. The kickstarter video will definitely be the main selling point on this. Hopefully the goal amount won't be too high though, they should definitely aim for the amount that Double Fine Adventure was initially looking for, and not aim for Leisure Suit Larry/SpaceVenture/Tex Murphy goals, since I think you are right that they probably won't get the funding that those games did.

    It certainly will help that they won't be tarnished by the embarrassing antics of Gamecock this time around. Every time an article was published when Gamecock execs stole the stage during an award, or something equally as immature, it seems Insecticide was always mentioned alongside it, despite Gamecock only being the publishers of the game. That really couldn't have helped sales.

  • If I'm Mike or Larry, I'm very interested in seeing how the Autumn Moon Kickstarter does.

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