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The Episode 5 storyline

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As you may know, TTG gave out a list a long time ago of the name of the chapters, well here are the CONFIRMED chapter names of Episode 5:

Chapter 1 - Into The Fire
Chapter 2 - Twice Sky
Chapter 3 - There Ain't No Way
Chapter 4 - Mercy
Chapter 5 - The Marsh House
Chapter 6 - What's In The Bag?
Chapter 7 - Stay Close To Me
Chapter 8 - What Remains

And this is what I think will happen in each one..

Chapter 1 - Into The Fire:
Possibly something to do with the horde of zombies on the ground floor.

Chapter 2 - Twice Sky:
The only one I have no clue on.

Chapter 3 - There Ain't No Way:
Possibly, to do with the interrogator on the walkie-talkie doing something to the group that we really won't expect.

Chapter 4 - Mercy:
Lee about to kill the walkie-talkie man.

Chapter 5 - The Marsh House:
When we meet Clementine's parents for the first time. In ep.3 Clementine mentions about the marsh house being where her parents could be staying.

Chapter 6 - What's In The Bag?:
Hmmm... we'll have to wait and see...

Chapter 7 - Stay Close To Me:
Lee staying close to Clementine after knowing he's going to die from the bite. Along with Clementine being upset.

Chapter 8 - What Remains:
Everything all sad, Lee's "funeral"

Well that's my guess anywayzzzz

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