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iOS Problems

posted by QuiltedMoHog on - last edited - Viewed by 165 users

I would just like to start by the lack of communication issues that Telltale Games has. It is completely ridiculous to leave your customers in the dark about the episode release dates. TTG has done a great job making a great game, but the quality of service you they have offered the iOS users is uncalled for. They have made all other users aware of the date that the episodes will be released. Not that they have been perfect for them either, but they did not even tell us one day ahead of time that it will be released.

The lack of response is my next issue. When customers are coming to you with questions there is no reason to either not answer them or just leave them scratching there heads still. Here was a question i read in another forum, it said something along these lines. "When will episode 3 be released for iOS?" TTG response was something along these lines. "There is no release date yet." That is not what people want to hear two days before it is released. That is just a way to piss off someone.

Last, iOS users need to stop complaining about them being behind. They made it clear it will always be behind. The only fair complaint i see is the bad customer service and no release dates. If they can just let us know when it would be great. They dont even need to say exactly when, just an idea when. But iOS will always be behind and we have to deal with it.

I have no choice in the matter but to deal with it cause the iOS is my only option to play it, cause its the only platform I have to play it on. I just really wish they would give us info on the release dates. That is a pretty small request by us iOS users, and TTG should have no problem taking care of this request. But they will just ignore it cause they ignore anything important anyone brings up in here.

Thanks for reading, just letting out some stress with TTG

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