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Blood Transfusion, a way to cure infection?

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So, I was thinking about this the other night.


Lee did not cut his hand right after being bitten, so the infection must have spread to his entire body already.
The only way I see him surviving this is if someone found him, cut his hand (it would continue to spread the infection otherwise), then make a blood transfusion to clear his body.
Of course it would require a set number of transfusions to make sure his blood was clear. But it could be possible.
It would be a perfect way to end this season in my opinion.

What do you guys think about this? Finally a way to save Lee?
I don't see Telltale doing this though, too late for new ideas. :(
If I only new he was going to get bitten before the game was released. Hahahahaha.

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  • OMG. I think you found a way to save Lee! Don't listen to anybody that would tell you this is a terrible idea. It's great.

  • ...Wow.... Never thought of it. As Red Panda said, You may have found a way to save Lee!


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    I suddenly realized the only way available to save Lee's life,if you have watched Tv series "The Falling Skies",then you know what I'm going to talk about.

    First,according to Survival Guide the reason why people turn into zombies is infection of zombie Virus

    Next,therefore we need to kill every single zombie virus in Lee's body,but how?

    Third,any kind of virus will die when entering an intense environment,like high temperature or pressure

    Fourth,let's just pump Lee's blood into a heat mechanism so as to kill all the virus

    Fifth,processed blood is too hot to reenter body,so a cooler mechanism is needed to let the blood back to human's normal temperature

    Sixth,pump back these blood

    Seventh,as zombie virus can't be killed at one time,the procedure need to be repeated 3-5 times

    Last,hopefully this will work!!

  • Oh my god Jue, I was thinking the exact same thing! We have to drain Lee's blood, heat it, then put it back in his body. But, I don't think the group has the equipment or technical know-how for this procedure, so while Captain Weaver gets to live, Lee aparently has to die. Too bad too, because that might have been the only idea that had a chance of succeeding.

  • Yeah, this is totally going to happen.

  • @Dildor said: Yeah, this is totally going to happen.

    Exactly. This will never happen. Episode 5 eill most likely be all about finding clementine, lee knows he's fucked and just wants to get Clemmy safe before he dies. We won't spend a whole week trying to find the equipment to save lee.

  • Near to Episode 5's ending you find clementine's mother who as stated is a doctor and since Lee saved clementine she agrees to try cure him via Blood transfusion but needs a blood donation before they can do it. If you saved Ben he offers to donate his to save Lee, if you let him die Kenny does instead.

    Or Lee becomes a zombie and stands around in a street for half a hour before eating a bird.

  • wtf are ye on about??? would this work for an AIDS patient? someone with leukeameia?? ffs lee's fucked end of......

  • I have a few small issues wth the transfusion idea.

    Who in the current group is qualified to administer such a treatment? (Remember that Vernon has dissapeared)

    With what equipment are they going to administer this treatment with?

    With whose blood are they going to replace Lee's with? (do we even know if anyone in the group has his blood type?)

    How will the above three be accomplished within the day or so it will take Lee to die from the bite?

  • They're in a morgue. Am I too optimistic that Lee cuts his arm off and survives in the first chapter of episode 5? :p

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