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Stuck in Train station Ep. 3 How do I grab the wrench

posted by mrsromo on - last edited - Viewed by 1K users

I can't figure out how to get past the 2 Zombies in the train station in episode 3. I am on my laptop. I push "W" to back away and when I get close to the wrench I am unable to grab it. The orange sensor thing is not near it so I can grab it. How do I do it??

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  • I have seen multiple answers to this. I also play on a laptop, using a mouse. This is what worked for me. I pushed "w" as quickly as I could, while alternately punching the two zombies. After 4 punches, I was back far enough that if the cursor was over the wrench, it had an eye symbol to look at the wrench, and a hand symbol to grab the wrench. I had to scroll very quickly to the hand symbol to grab the wrench, literally a split second, or I got munched. After you grab the wrench they are pretty easy to smash as long as you aren't super slow.

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