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How Will Episode 5 End?

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How do you think it will end?

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  • Everyone dies except for Ben. And if you dropped Ben, he shows up and eats everyone

  • Grammar is important. For instance, commas save lives: Let's eat grandpa. Lets eat, grandpa.

  • I think both Lee and Clem will die.

  • Depends if TellTale goes predictable and cliche or tries to surprise us :\

  • It'll go first person.

    Lee will close his eyes... wake as a walker... walk toward Clem who will calmly pull out her pistol and shoot you in the face....

    Fade to black....

  • Then she will sit down, put down the gun beside her.

    She will look at Lee...
    Clem will be silent for a while, until she has gathered herself.

    Havin' assembled herself she will rise.


    Followed by uncontrolled crying, making everyone forget that "we" have died and nothing else matters.

  • No-one knows for sure. The only thing that is certain is that Lee will die.

  • Lee lives but Clem dies...
    Telltale decides to become the ultimate troll!

  • Lee saves Clem, but Ben ultimately manages to f*ck up everything, even in death, and the boat blows up.

    On a serious note I have a feeling that with regards the kidnapping of Clemintine, the biting of Lee and the massive hoard of zombies wondering the streets of Savannah it is close to or is 100% hopeless for the group to survive, even if Lee and the group of people he has with him find Clemintine, what next?

    Another thing to note is since Telltale are sticking with an ending, I must ask how Lee is supposed to save Clemintine if he goes alone without the group of people? The only other thing that would make things more hopeful with regards saving Clemintine from whoever kidnapped her is if Molly was present in the next episode and intended to help Lee, but the problem arises that whether or not she is alive in Episode 5 might be determined if you save her from that one walker at Crawford (I know it is possible that she might live if you fail to shoot the walker, but from what I saw in the Scumbag Lee compilation it looks as though the walker is ready to bite her when she is shot and there is the strong chance that she may even bleed to death) and I am aware that a review confirmed her appearance, but it is likely that she will be killed off at some point after making some of the action events in the episode somewhat easier (or somewhat harder if she is killed as a result of the walkers in Crawford signalling for her to appear in the next episode as a walker). Although Molly may not be needed as there are a few characters like Campman who might appear in the next episode who might be able to take over in escorting Clemintine to the boat.

    To conclude I think that Lee and the group who went with him are pretty much dead men walking as Lee would normally die (unless there are certain circumstances that I should be aware of that are contradictions to the story or are not included in the above statement) if he went alone and as was stated in an episode of Playing Dead, Telltale are sticking to the ending for the first season.

  • Lee: Fuu....
    Clem: Swear. *bang*

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