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TWD Episode 4 saved games fiasco : what to do ?

posted by DannyBiker on - last edited - Viewed by 416 users

So all my saved games were deleted after installing Episode 4 through Steam today. I tried the methods & fixes mentioned in these boards but all my saved games were deleted and you just can't restore the dead and gone, even if this is The Walking Dead.

As I'm not the only one affected by this, I'm planning to start a campaign tomorrow. I will first email all the major video games websites & blogs to let them know of the bug so they can warn their readers and tell them to wait for a fix. I read that a fix was released but I downloaded and installed Ep.4 today so I hardly see that as a fix.
I will also most probably start tweeting to the same medias (and more) so the word get spread through that medium; re-tweets will be welcomed.

Secondly, I think we should ask for something in return from TellTale. I see 3 possibilities but I'm asking you guys to tell me what you think of these (you might have a better idea !) :
- A refund of the game at the price it was purchased.
- If a refund is not possible, a coupon for the upcoming 2nd season or for another game from their catalog.
- If that's still not possible and I think it's the best solution : every gamer that demands it should get a saved game similar to the one that was lost. There are many choices to be made in this game but not many that actually have a real effect across all the episodes, so there's shouldn't be that many saved games to choose from. Telltale created this situation and they should take the time to restore faith in they work.

Because honestly, with such a grave bug, one can question the professionalism of Telltale teams.

What do you guys think ?

I will post later on the email I will send as well as my twitter account so you can massively retweet.

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