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The Reason the Hide/Show Bite ratio is skewed.

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Telltale's aim for the Walking Dead was to allow players of varying personalities, or even those with personality disorders to make hard decisions based on their own moral compass. In some situations this succeeds, in others it falls apart. The areas where it would fall apart is mostly due to the writing being sub-par in some areas.

For instance the reason the most players show the bite to the group, is because in the narrative and thematically we have no one in the group that we fear or out right dislikes due to their personality inducing strong feelings of hate. Behind hate is sometimes fear.

When you are young and you do something you know you weren't supposed to, or break something. As a child you fear the repercussions of your actions in that given situation.

For instance you may try to hide the broken glass. Or outright lie.

If there was one or more personality in the group that made the player wholly distrustful, these individuals were borderline despicable human beings that they could sway the "in-group" opinion to violence. To "out-group" Lee/The Player.

Ones you know that would threaten with bodily harm, cast Lee outward callously and that person or person(s) holds some power with the others within the group; by that very dynamic it could change politics and seeing as most people fear being on the "out-group" of tribalism the player would hide the bite if the threat seemed tangible.

If the writers want to know why that statistic is puzzling they need to look at each other and realise where the writing failed them, understand and aim for more.

I chose and many other players showed the bite, because the group of people were decent and there was no threat to Lee. Psychologically that is what triggered such a monumental shift into being honest.

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