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What about a CSI Game on Nintendo DS ?

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Hi, i'm belgian so excuse my english. :))
I'm a CSI fan, I love the series and I really lied the game. But that's not the point.

Recently, I discovered two games on Nintendo DS : Phoenix Wright and Trama Center. The first one is a lawyer simulation, and the second is a chirugy simulation.

In Phoenix Wright, you play a lawyer who investigates in crimes. In the last chapter, you can use aluminium powder to find digital prints. You put powder by touching the screen, ans you remove the excess by blowing in the micro. That's really cool.

Trauma center is a chirurgy game where the stylus become a scalpel. You must save the patient by operating him. It's an awesome concept perfectly adapted to the touch screen of the DS.

That's make me think avout a CSI game on the DS. The aluminium powder stuff is quite eloquent, and the chiruggy ca became... an autopsy !

There is alot of stuf that could be imaginated from this console. CSI on DS ? I think this would be great. Whats do you think about this ?

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