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(TWD) Mouse lag makes game unplayable- OSX

posted by keter on - last edited - Viewed by 326 users

Game works perfectly fine in all aspects except there is severe mouse lag/choppy movement in some areas. It seems to have gotten progressively worse from episode to episode. I'm a good way into episode 4 and the game has become unplayable because of this issue. I've tried to lower graphics settings to no avail. Mouse lag is an issue regardless of me using my wired mouse or trackpad.

I'm using a mid 2012 MacBook Pro and I'm using the steam version of the game. I'm really enjoying the game so it sucks to have such a strange issue ruin it for me and so many others. Is there news of any official fix? Has this issue even been recognized by Telltale games? Are there any unofficial fix that can help me scrape by?

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