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Sam & Max, + The Adventure Company - what's the relationship?

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Has anyone actually been to "The Adventure Company" website they have, excluding Sam n Max, the worst line up of games. There games are on the $9.95 Bargan shelf at Walmart. I purchased murder on the orient express and the 2 disk set wasn't even in a jewel case just 2 paper sleves and a piece of cardboard. How did you get Ubisoft to put there name on CSI ? Each time I see the Adventure Company on a box or JoWooD I get very skeptical of the quality of the game inside. I just mean to say I dont wan't to ever see season one in the bargan bin with poor packaging. :eek:

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  • I'm not sure what you're concerned about. The retail version of Season One came out very nicely -- high quality packaging, and something we are all proud to have our names on. The other games they've published doesn't have anything to do with how they've treated Sam & Max (but I would also disagree that they've published the worst lineup of games around!)

    Murder on the Orient Express came with a book, didn't it? I like jewel cases too, but I think the full-length mystery novel included in the box kind of made up for the paper sleeves...

  • Oh, and the way they got Ubisoft to put their name on CSI is that it was Ubisoft's idea to begin with. Ubisoft holds the video game rights to CSI; they decide when they want to see a new game and bring in the big money, the sponsors, the voice actors and the material from the series, not to mention handle matters like distribution and advertising. All the CSI games have been published by Ubisoft, whereas only the two most recent ones have been developed by Telltale.

  • What's the point of this thread, exactly?


  • Sometimes people get confused.

  • First the orient express didnt come with a novel.. But besides that If I hadnt been hunting online for the old sam n max pics and looking for the unreleased sequal trailer... I would have probably found the sam n max season 1 months later.. on the shelf for 35 dollars and saw that the "adventure company" was on it and would have hesitated in the purchase. there games are interesting i guess... but yours has a spark that feels many times better than what they have there names on. It just feels like that little song "which of theese things is not like the other" How does that work anyway Do you complete the product then they package it is that all they do?:confused:

  • I think you are confusing the publisher and the developer..all the adventure company has done is distribute the game..

  • ok cool just woundered how adventure company was hooked in it all .. so how do i delete a thread..?

  • I don't think you can delete threads*, but no worries, really. Everyone's entitled to an opinion :)

    * unless you're an administrator or something

  • [quote=Jake;44566]I don't think you can delete threads*, but no worries, really. Everyone's entitled to an opinion :)

    * unless you're an administrator or something[/quote]

    Aren't you an administrator? What with the bold and italic name? :D

  • Jowood has good games, cant comment on Adventure company since i didnt even know about them.

    I have a question though, was Sam & Max co-worked with Jowood and adventure company?, i though it was all pure telltale

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