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TWD first season, MAC graphic problem

posted by sirpalee on - Viewed by 139 users

Hey Everyone!

I bought the first season recently on steam, and I'm having some grave issues with the game. When I launch the first episode (the menus work fine) I cannot read any of the text on the screen. And well... I cannot choose between the dialog options, or find out what's going on.

There is a screenshot :

As you can see the textures are not loaded correctly, or the buffers are a bit off on the gpu, I have no idea.

My configuration:
Retina MacBook Pro with GTX650M, OSX 1.8.2.

I have tried to disable the HD4000 using the energy management settings, but nothing changed.

Any ideas? I also tried to play on the lowest settings, disable AA, disable after effects, use the lowest setting etc... But none of them helped.

Please let me know, if there is anything I can do to fix this problem!


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