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Can't Save Amide !!

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Hello ,

I am serving overseas and I have been playing this game in my spare time... it really helps me get away so THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!!! Second, Damn it I wanna save Amide and I wanted to buy the episodes as a pack ... for some reason I can not do any of those. The icon in the game turns the light brown like i am trying to click on Amide when I am presented with my choice of who to save, unfortunately the light brown circle just lingers there until I run out of time no matter how many times I press it and then it says, in the end, that I've made no choice or i "did not help" and both characters inevitably get on the train and yell at me :-( PLease HELP ME FIX THIS !!! I have played through with both scenarios one having saved Carly and the other one having save the other guy. IN both story lines i STILL can not save Amide !!!! HELP!!!!

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