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Cant Download Episodes 2-4

posted by Chris_lloyd on - last edited - Viewed by 128 users

Every time i try to download an episode, the download stops at a random percent and doesn't move. I got to 99% on Ep2 and it stayed on 99% for 40mins!!! I have the game on Mac and certainly meet system requirements. My internet is also good and I even tried downloading it with a wired connection to ensure no wifi drop outs and still it seems to stop downloading at a random percent. SO FRUSTRATING. The game doesn't seem to freeze, it just stops downloading.. Sometimes i will click out of the game window whilst its downloading and when clicking onto it again, the game crashes. As of yet, i am unable to successfully download a full episode...

Please, any help would be much appreciated.

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    MattP Telltale Staff

    We are aware of this problem and investigating a solution. I apologize for the frustration.

    Please try connecting to another available wifi network and attempting the download again.

    Alternatively, though it's unofficial, please take a look at this thread here gratiously posted by one of our moderators, and try the Manual method.

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