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Carry Over into Season 2

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Now obviously Lee isn't going to be in season 2 but it'd be cool if some things carried over from this season that seemingly had little to no consequences in our playthrough.

Examples: Not so much a choice but in Episode 1 when you first get let into the drug store and zombies are coming after you, guns are heard in the background which lure the zombies away. Would be neat if it was set in the same place but your survivors making the noise. If not that at the end of Ep 1 you are at the motor in and you hear screaming and some gun shots down the road. That too would be neat.

The Car - Did you steal from it or not? Maybe the group of survivors your with in Season 2 own that car and when they come back their stuff is still their or not depending on your choices.

Shot the girl - Did you shoot the girl in Episode 3 screaming her head off or did you let her scream? She could be a member of your group again and her death will be decided on those actions.

There are also cross over gaps like when Lee is at the Saint Johns and the others are left behind or the three month gap between 1 and 2 where there could be even Lee appearances. They found mark and let him in who's to say they didn't atleast run into other people. Also there's a gap between Lee either leaving Lily or Lily stealing the RV to where she gets to in the comics. She could go into another group in the mean time.

Anywho, that's my two cents if they go for a whole new group thing. Thought I'd share and hear what you guys thought.

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