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Screen between "Click to continue" and main menu

posted by JordyLicht on - last edited - Viewed by 140 users

[System used: Macbook Pro i7 2010 OS X 10.7.5]

I've asked this question before, but I haven't got any responses, fixes or ideas to fix it:

I get the 'updating screen' every time I start the game. The first time I knew it was updating, because it was posted here on the forums, but I have to wait for this screen every time I start the game. This means I have to wait at least 15 minutes before I'm able to play the game. This is really, REALLY frustrating.

I found the "temp" folder where it's downloading files and I can see that it's in fact creating files there, but it just keeps rewriting the same files over and over again, every time I restart the game and get the updating screen.
Deleting the files makes no different, deleting the prefs.prop file makes no difference. And I REALLY don't want to re-install the game, because getting episode 2 to 4 cost me about three months in total.

Any ideas???

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