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Telltale Games Patch the lost Gamerscore please

posted by gaz be rotten on - Viewed by 168 users

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Started two separate games for the walking dead on the Xbox 360. One i saved a certain set of people and the second save the other set of people.

Completed episode 4 to find i not only have not got the achievements showing but my game saves wrecked. All that progress made and that game play time rendered absolutely useless and pointless because of a stupid bug. This needs to be fixed and our saves restored as i know this can be corrected.

I am not happy all the time i spent playing threw the whole episodes and storyline s for hours has been wasted over a stupid bug that isn't my or anyone else s fault. It is unfair on everyone to have to deal with this so please get the patch out for this asap.

Please fix this



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