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Sam and Max cd won't work

posted by Darken on - last edited - Viewed by 157 users

So I got the Sam and Max cd as a present, and the darn thing won't work.
I have already e-mailed the manufacturers about the disk, and I got no response in a week. This is very frustrating.

I put in the cd, and it starts to run.
An "Install" screen pops up. I click the install, suddenly the disk starts running VERY fast, and it doesn't stop!
I wait a few minutes listening to this thing speed along, and realize it's stuck.
My other dead disks make the same noise.

My computer has Vista, but I don't think this means anything.
I tried it in a different computer with XP, and it does the exact same thing.

Only the bonus disc works, (So -something- works) but it's a complete waste to not have the disc work, and no one would help me!

Can anyone here give me a hand? It's very sad to be ignored by the company.. ._.

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  • It sounds like a bad disc. Support for the retail version goes through The Adventure Company. Please try them again through the support form at this link. I know they answer emails that come in through that form... maybe your first email didn't reach them for some reason. (If you do try again and still don't hear back after a few days, let us know and we can try to get in touch with them for you.)

    They were recently dealing with a similar issue that resulted in them sending replacement discs to people who were having the problem. It might turn out that this is the solution to your problem as well.

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