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Season 2 Themes

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Season 1 explored death and survival. It's great but it will get stale fast. Personally, I'm not interested in the same themes explored with different characters.

What makes the comics and TV show so interesting is the other themes they explored. The walkers/post-apocalypse just intensifies the drama.

That said, any themes you are interested seeing explored?

Revenge is interesting. Just throwing out an idea.

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  • Uhhh what?
    We explored:
    Death, survival, starvation (episode 2), cannibalism (2), murder (killing bandits in 3 or st johns in 2), revenge (killing larry if he was a dick to you, killing st johns in 2, killing ben in 4 for what he did, perhaps killing radio man in 5), rape (jolene mentioned it in 2 at least), extortion/prostitution (molly and the other girl with the doctor in 4). We even witnessed amputation in episode 2 with the teacher, just not amputation for a zombie bite.

    I mean, yes we can explore some of these in multiple different ways, but the only big themes from the comics we have yet to explore is finding a truly large and thriving community, considering crawford fell. But even that wouldn't happen unless we picked up at least 3 months in (which is where we are now) because the larger communities like that (woodbury, alexandria safe zone) are few and didn't exist until after people could get together to form and build them.
    It would be cool to be able to build a real community although I don't think this type of game works with that idea. :P

  • In the other forms, they've explored abortion, infidelity, racism, and other heavy themes. The game, in my opinion, has been pretty timid on everything except death. I'd like to see them take chances.

  • I think most of the topics that take place in TWD (comics, tv show, the game) are people overreacting under the stress from the ZA. it shows us how people would react when surviving is more important than just "living". Since everyone reacts different to this (cannibalism, murder, revenge, etc..), I wouldn't mind if some of the topics in season one were added/retouched in season two. I agree they need to add something new, but there are some topics that never are going to be excluded (murder, in example).

  • Romance is such a huge part of the comic and show but TT has been really shy about broaching that. It's not a game for kids so I don't get what their deal is on that but I think it's logic direction to go.

    Especially with Lee's death, it would seem recycled to be looking after a kid. Again.

  • Married couple as the protagonists of Season 2 perhaps? Clem's parents maybe?

  • I'm sure Clem's dad is dead, remember the voice message from her mom on the answering machine in Ep 1? I seem to recall that she said the dad got bit and was getting sicker and in the hospital. She also mentioned people biting other people and the situation getting worse. I'd be amazed if her mom survived too. I really believe they are both dead and have since I heard that message in Ep1.

  • I want Lee to survive somehow. With that being said, I think parenting would be a great theme in season 2. In episode 5, we will likely find out what happened to Clem's parents. From there, I think Lee will have to take care of Clem, both knowing that her parents are dead.

  • I don't think Lee can do too much more taking care of Clem....his time is limited. Unless you meant that by "taking care of Clem" he is going to give her over to the people of his choice to care for her.

  • I think romance should be explored further, because like you said TT needs to take chances, otherwise it will be season 1 recycled over again, they need something fresh that they have not yet done, of course death and murder needs to be incorporated. To make the storyline more interesting and more gripping they can't recycle the same stuff over again otherwise people won't stick with it. Telltale almost lost out on a few gamers after the third episode but bought it after positive reviews, Telltale needs to tread carefully otherwise they could find a huge decline in their income from the games. Although they need to take chances and risks, they need to be careful that they don't go overboard and create some crappy over used cliche crap that has been used over and over again.

    I am interested to find out what others have to say :)

  • Yeah I agree that romance should be explored more. The carley/lee dynamic almost did, but then she her head blown off. Not very sexy.

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