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Walking Dead: Story Glitch/Continuity Errors

posted by kingseamus on - Viewed by 218 users

Bought Walking Dead on Steam for Mac yesterday. I'm loving the game so far; some great plot elements, fun action sequences, and solid voice acting too.

I'm about 25 minutes or so into episode 2, and I've noticed that some of my past big choices are not reflected at all in my current gameplay. In episode 1, I explicitly came to the aid of a certain character every chance I had, and now a character in episode 2 keeps riding me for essentially "not doing anything to help" this character and "taking the other side."

Love the game, but I don't want to keep playing if all of the deliberate choices I make in the story get flipped around completely in later episodes. Is there anything that can be done to solve this issue?

I know that others are experiencing similar issues, but I want to limit my viewing of these posts, because they seem to contain lots of spoilers.


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