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Current Episode 4 Glitch Status?

posted by akaAlfie on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users

I used one of the work arounds: I played for an hour. Exited to the main menu, then exited the game. Went back to play, had the whole game starting at episode one issue again. By the time I got episode 4 to work using one of the work arounds I noticed it hadn't saved any of my episode 4 progress.

Should we be able to save using the work around?

And my big question is: Is there a patch or anything being developed to fix the issue? It's been a couple weeks, and I don't feel like there's been a statement to say that something is being worked on to fix it.

It only sucks to have to go through it again because it takes away the whole having to act at a moments notice part when you have to do everything again.

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  • As far as I can tell, at least for me, the workaround doesn't work. Judging by some other posts here, I think the workaround is probably incorrect.

    In another thread I saw that there had been an update submitted to fix this issue and that when it was live, they would post in the workaround support thread. What I think that means is that the developers have submitted the patch to Microsoft. All patches to games need to be checked/approved by Microsoft before going live. There was no timeframe given, but I've seen patches take up to a couple of weeks to be approved by Microsoft. Sometimes a lot less. It probably depends on the size of the patch and the complexity.

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