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Are the walkers getting smarter/faster SPOILERS INSIDE

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Hey! this is my 1st thread.

But anyway here is a little question - are they getting smarter/faster.
Here are some facts to go with what i think.

EPIOSDE 1 - The walkers did not run. Cut you off. They just attacked the main door in the drug store. and when we were going to save Irene the walkers didnt notice you as you were wondering around the area.

EPISODE 2 - This is where they are getting smarter. If you leave David ( or whatever his name is ) the walker - kinda - lunges at him. At the barn when mark turns - he didnt go down the stairs to alert brenda but just waited until she came up. Andy - When Andy is given mercy by lee the walkers come from all sides ( this may just be random that they did ) instead of coming from a line.
-=-=This is where it gets evidentual -=-=-

EPISODE 3 - With the woman ( Beatrice ) when she runs out of the store the walker following her is RUNNING you can clearly see that she is running and also they corner her instead of coming in one direction. If you kill her when kenny is running in the drugstore - Guess what? - a walker lunges at him. Even if you dont kill the girl. the walkers find you. Could this be memory shown by walkers? or just noises from there. The walker in the helicopter. He breaks through the glass. and climbs out.(and he learns to become a ninja zombie cause he appears out of thin air.) I guess the train? the horde incoming? this COULD be nothing because zombies are lured by sound.

EPIOSDE 4 - THE MOST SMARTEST ONES I HAVE SEEN - im not going to mention the bells because they lured in by sound. In the Sewer the zombie grabs lee from a hole in the ground and holds him steady so other walkers can get him. before you get in the sewer the walkers trap you from BOTH sides of the ally. not just one, they trap you. Also at the end of the episode lee comes along and says '' Hurrdurr im gonna be a Derp and stand still staring at a object in the ZA im sure a zombie wont attack me ''
that zombie was hidden and lunged right at lee

Crawford -

The walker that gets smashed by a TV he runs at you. you cant deny that.
The walker that attacks molly he runs at her after getting attacked by her
At the bell tower - C. Oberson - Zombie. Grabs ben whilst being shaken and jerked around. hold onto him. If you let ben drop the zombies go down to him instead of lee and lee is closed to them. i think the reason for that is because the zombies KNEW that ben was disabled and lee was abled to flee. When brie was attacked by walkers the zombie pinned her head down to the door whilst another one ate her.

* Zombies are slow
* Dont trap you off
* Go for one enterance

* Trap you off
* They lunge at you
* Go to block all ways out.

That is my theory. Please comment and share your thoughts.

Another thing. - Shouldnt
Ben and Brie be walkers now? because they were not shot in the head. the wiki should change it.

:) Thanks for reading... Sorry for Errors and mistakes. i was in a rush to type this

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