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Running from Rat Monsters mini game

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I can't seem to out run or out move these charging monsters. Unlike running from the locusts, I can't click to jump over stuff because this causes the game to crash to the desktop. Or rather, it minimizes itself to the desktop during the race if you click around trying to jump stuff. Am I doing something wrong?

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  • You've just clicked outside the fullscreen window. This has happened to me as well. Make sure your arrow isn't at the top of the screen. If this happens anyway, just click on it to get into the game again.

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    I can get the game back, but by the time I do, the monster is on top of me. I can't move Bone effectively at all. My mouse and cursor are out of sync during this game, so it just continuously goes to desktop. How did you get through this? Were you able to jump the obsticles? I'm afraid I'm going to need a save game here.

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    Okay, finally found a relatively safe path to follow. Moving the mouse side to side was the problem. Since I can't see the cursor, it would be off the game screen, so when I clicked it would go to desktop. When I found a path that I didnt have to move from side to side, I got through.

    BUT, gee that was short!

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