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(Mac) Crashes at save points?

posted by TheBritishBloke on - Viewed by 135 users

Basically does this a lot; but now I can't progress at all.

Sometimes when the game was saving, it would stall for 5-10 seconds and then continue on. But now I've gotten to the cutscene where they're just arriving at the motor inn and when Lee says "Sh*t, get down."; the game crashes, freezes my whole computer. Although it eventually quits.

I'm running a 2010 MacBook Pro with a Core i7 and 8GB RAM, on the discrete graphics card. I shouldn't have any problems with it actually running.

I downloaded it off of Steam, I've already tried deleting it and re-installing it, but I'm having the exact same problem.

This game just doesn't want to play ball...

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