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your "WHAT THE FUUUUUU" moments

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so what were the most devastating moments in the game.
carley/Doug deaths for me really

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  • Carley's death for me was just a silent "Wait, what just happened?" One instance of complete surprise was seeing Mark with his legs cut off.

    And Lee's bite made me have the same reaction as him.

  • Lee being bit, it was more like the new gamefly commercials.

  • Carley's death, Ben showing me a strangely familiar-looking hatchet, and Lee getting bit. Honorable mention for Chuck's introduction as well since he appeared in a train car that was empty not less than a minute ago.

  • i think probably Carley's death was the big one.. Maybe the decision about Larry.. he was a D-bag but I dont think I could ever kill the guy. And finding out Ben really was the tool that got Carley killed..

  • The moment for me was finding out the people on the farm were cannibals.I knew something was fishy about them,especially when I found their slaughterhouse.But I thought they were eating the walkers not people(even though walkers are people technically).I was horrified by the whole situation.Mark legless upstairs,some of the crew chowing down on the meat downstairs,and then Mark comes crawling down.......I'm getting creeped out just thinking about

  • Looking through the second floor of the house on the farm. I was like "Shit....this guy....where is he....omg...HE IS DINNER...." then I head for the stairs and hear '' I'm like shit he is alive?! And then go to the bedroom, move the shelf and see Mark...that was freakin nuts.
    Carley's death was also crazy.

  • Mark being legalese surprised me, it was shocking, but not that "WHAT THE FUUU" kind of shock. The horde and Molly taking you by surprise were the most wtf moments for me, I saw the Molly v/s Lee fight coming, because of the trailer, however.

    Edit: just remembered Carley got shot. <- this

  • Larry getting his head caved in, I wasn't paying any attention to Kenny, had just started trying to revive him and then Bam!
    Carley getting shot was like a car accident in slow motion. I saw Lilly going for the gun but thought it'd be wrestled away from her or she'd wing Carley in the arm. Nope, right in the face.
    I actually swore at Ben when I saw that axe.

  • The kid in the attic. That was just dark, man.

  • To me the moment which most represents sadness is probably discovering the horrible people the Saint Johns were. I really felt at peace on their farm, even if Mark got hurt, and finding out that they were such horrid people and knowing what they did really left me in shock.

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