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What do you want for Christmas?

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Well, after holding off for a week, my wife finally talked me into putting the Christmas tree up. I was a little slow getting into it (coming right off Halloween), but with everything seeming to turn "Christmasy" over night (at least here in Canada) it's pretty safe to say it's "That time of year again!"
Christmas commercials have arrived and stores.... well alot of stores had Christmas stuff up in September, but now it's pretty much full blown...
Anyways, I'm sure Christmas shopping has begun and I think it's the perfect time to play:
What do you want for Christmas!!!!!???!!!!

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  • I'd love to see a full expansion pack for Portal, but that's probably pushing it a bit, so I'll just stick with wanting Mario Galaxy and Sam and Max. But I'll probably just be impatient and buy them as soon as possible, and hope I get plenty of money for Christmas to make up for it.

    Passing my driving test in time for Christmas would be nice too, were it not for the fact that I'd probably end up driving everyone around to parties on New Year's Eve, and having to stay tee-total myself so I'm in a fit state to get them back hope again.

    I wouldn't mind a PS3 either, if only for Ratchet and Clank, and Naughty Dog's new game.

  • Please... according to the Home Depot near our office, it's been Christmas for a good month and a half now.

  • @xChri5x said: Well, after holding off for a week, my wife finally talked me into putting the Christmas tree up.

    Christmas tree! Now!!!
    You're insane... :p

    The tree is suposed to be put up at 23. dec.

    Anyway, for presents. How about this:

  • Mario Galaxy, Zack & Wiki, and Lego Star Wars Complete Sage will all be out, and I can't afford all 3, so whichever I don't buy, I hope to get for Christmas.

  • Rock Band, complete bundle for the 360.

  • Monkey Island Bounty Pack
    Legend of Zelda Orcarina of Time
    Time Waster Diaries...

    I am not getting any new games right now (I don't have any new consoles) apart from Sam and Max.

  • I would die happy just getting a couple imports from Japan....

    The Lostman Goes to the USA on DVD [I still smack myself in the face for being in Cali and MISSING a chance that is likely NEVER going to happen again]
    And the CD, 'Wake Up, Wake up, Wake up!' current import prices for it are in the 80's :( I love the band [the Pillows] so much I don't want to have to wait till their next album comes out and I can import it cheaper, or it actually gets published here in the US like 'Penalty Life' and 'My Foot.'

    But I doubt that's gonna happen any time soon *cries*

    Oh, well, I also want Echoes by Pink Floyd because I want to get a hold of those juciy b-side tracks that never make it onto the CD's, like 'When the tigers broke free.' I also hear rumours of Telltale reprinting 'Sam & Max: Surfing the Highway?' I want that!!!!! I had a chance to read some of it, by ordering it from a library in California but I couldn't finish it because they only gave me 3 days before I had to give it back >:(

    And this is also unlikely to happen, but I want a ticket to Aussie land. I miss my Emma so much..

  • Croutons: "When The Tigers Broke Free" was on The Final Cut, the semi-sequel-ish followup album to The Wall which was originally named "Spare Bricks" but turned into a political and pacifistic rant by Roger Waters. Send me a PM if you want to discuss Pink Floyd, I'm sure we'd have a lot to talk about :)

  • Ahh Xmas... I dont call it christmas... that implies im religious. What I want is the same thing I want every year. Notta... Haha call me a bittter cynic but I dont fall into this trap of capitalism on holidays. I buy things all the time.. and buy people things all the time. Why should xmas be special, cause one dork said so?
    On THAT note..

    I would love tons of japanese candy and anything steve purcell can throw at me !
    But I dont want em cause its xmas...

  • A new bass guitar would be nice and for sure the complete season 2 of Sam and Max but i think that is impossible...

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