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The Beelzeboss comic Thread!

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For some time, I have been working on a comic entitled 'Beelzeboss,' I am aware that is the name of a tenacious D song, so don't ride my ass about it. I hate photoshop, so there are some PS problems in a couple. There are 8 issues to date, and I will post the new ones when they come out. Please comment!

*NOTE* Some of the comments may be a little out of date, I didn't want to rewrite them from the forum I posted them on previously. Copy pasta :cool:

ISSUE 2: The lawyers! They do nothing!
A short comic I came up with. It actually started off as 'Lawyers from the sun!' but I was too lazy to flesh out the full comic, besides, the 'Lawyers from the sun!' concept is for my drawn comic. ['Lawyers from the sun!' was going to have the first half of the comic being entirely stolen quotes, then lawyers start falling out of the sun, and the main characters don't seem to care or notice, but then a juke box comes out of the sun as well, and they say 'Is that playing the ride of the Valkyries?' 'Yep' 'Okay, we're screwed']

MINOR EXPLANATION: When the boss says 'Don't try to get on my bad side, don't you remember what happened to Sammy?', as well as what the Lawyer says, is a reference to a comic I made along time ago called 'Is it safe?' where the boss is revealed to be Damien, the son of the devil, and he gets revenge on a co-worker, Sammy, for banishing him to a world of eternal sodomy. Sammy's punishment was in the form of the cooking show, where his head was severed, then microwaved. It then said that it loved Damien, but it didn't want to wait any longer to get eaten. Mmyep.

ONE WARNING: One curse word. So if you think that only one curse word will offend you, don't read..

comic1qe8.jpgcomic2af5.jpgcomic3hz9.jpgISSUE 3: Father/Son workday
After doing 3 [4 if you count my very first gMod comic, from nearly 2 years ago] comics with Damien, the son of the devil, as a malicious and psychotic office boss, I decided to make him a full blown comic strip! Issue 1 will NOT be posted, HOWEVER, those interested, I will e-mail it to you on request. Issue 2 is already in the link above. This is the first officially labeled issue, and I guess the first official issue, but it would be the 3rd I've made. My humour is starting to get a little more straightforward, but theres still a bizarre tinge. I was originally going to have Damien bring in his father [the devil, obviously >_>] and make him really bizarre, and I already had him made, but I decided I wasn't going to rebuild it for every scene he would be in. I'll post a screeny sometime, trust me, it's beyond description, my version of the devil. I got a good reception for the last one, if this one does well, I'll continue to post them here!

Unless I get to at least #6, I will not be working out an 'update' schedule. For those who do enjoy these comics, it'll just be whenever I feel like it.

Edit: Sorry about the screw up on Edwins final comment. It was photoshops mistake. Bad photoshop, bad. I'm too lazy to redo the page and fix it.
Edit 2: Same photoshop screwing up on the minge's last comment. I'll fill in their final words.. [Minge: No, srsly, it was a joke. STOP STARING AT ME LIKE THAT!] [Edwin: OH MY GOD! It's opposable too! NO WAY!

And with no further ado...

beel1ko2.jpgbeel2ab0.jpgbeel3ti9.jpgbeel4in0.jpgIssue 4: Super Cancer
I didn't get any sleep tonight, so I decided to waste my time and make another Beelzeboss. This one felt a little more at home, with it's bizarre and extremely stupid premise. I still like #3 though, I think it helped me get used to 'regular' characters other than the boss, like Edwin, who I was very glad to kill quite quickly in this issue. I also just feel, personally that this one is better overall. I'll let the audience decide. A little note... 'Akusai' means malignancy/virulent in Japanese. I guess one thing in this comic was actually serious.. I also like that word.

EDIT: I just noticed the wrong skin is in use for our main character! Argh! Oh well, I've devised a short extension for tomorrow. A full fledged comic will come when I'm not lazy.

beel1qp5.jpgbeel2gh1.jpgbeel3mf1.jpgbeel4oo8.jpgIssue 5: A visit from hell
So basically in this issue Damien is visited by his dad, who turns out to be twice as bizarre as Damien is. I love the way the Devil looks in this. I think he would have worked great in a serious comic as well as a comedic one. Originally he was a snowman with hook legs and potato masher grenade arms and a skull stuck under a german helmet, which had a M1 Garand lodged in the middle of it. Mmyep, so he even looked more bizarre at first. He was also propelled by a bucket. But it was just too damn hard to rebuild, and he looks cooler in the form he is now.

ONE WARNING: Theres a black bar. So if black bars over swear words offend you because you know there is a swear word underneath, don't read.

beel1us0.jpgbeel2copybq7.jpgbeel3yh2.jpgbeel4vs8.jpgbeel5ed4.jpgIssue 6 Do the time warp [Part 1]

I notice a lot of people doing DOD:S poses and spoofs, as well as serious ones. Well, it's all very logical, considering that this is a DOD:S community. So it was a logical choice for me to get on the bandwagon, but I'm going to be doing it VIA my creation, Beelzeboss. I have a bit of part 2 already planned [and it involves the mysterious Avalanche vending machine] but I'm far from finished with it. I expect I should have it all posed and written by Saturday. Monday, if I'm lazy.

Note: Theres a vulgar gesture. I censored it, even though it completely ruins the 'Sit & Tilt' joke. [You can't tell how horribly deformed his finger is]

beel1uh2.jpgbeel2fx9.jpgbeel3ie2.jpgbeel4oy4.jpgbeel5ge7.jpgIssue 7: Do the timewarp [part 2]

Here is the second part of 'Do the time warp'! This is a milestone for me, as it is my longest comic yet. It's 10 pages long, and take me over 5 hours in a single sitting to get it fully edited. It took even longer to do all the poses >_< I did those over a period of time though.
Make sure you've read part 1 above, or you will be very confused! [well, you'll probably be confused anyways, but it does follow a plot, so read the first part :D]

I'm very proud of this issue. It's chaotic, random, and full of BS. A lot of it is DODS mockery, some is just plain bizarro shenanigans. It took a lot of effort to make, and I hope it was worth it!
Special thanks to: The house of Jones for inspiring the [link=]Manbridge[/link] joke

Issue 7: Do the time warp [Part 2]
beel1bf0.jpgbeel2st6.jpgbeel3ih6.jpgbeel4ea8.jpgbeel5my8.jpgbeel6it4.jpgbeel7pe4.jpgbeel8vr3.jpgbeel9vu7.jpgbeel10vq3.jpgIssue 8: Mean Fortress [part 1]
16 pages. This was a tough one to make, but I got it done. A little late for my reset date but still early for my original date. Part 2 is due whenever.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: VALVe for the Orange Box. Although it's obvious TF2 is the biggest mockery in this issue, if you look hard enough I have a few references to Portal as well ;)


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