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Sam&Max 201 Stinky´s Diner

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Hello everyone, I have a big problem because I want to play S&M 201 but I can´t. Everytime I want to go into Stinky´s Diner my computer trys to load this location but then nothing happens. I can´t go back or do anything else. I have no idea, what I can do to fix this problem and I need help because I will be really sad if i can´t continue to play episode 201 :(

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  • Can´t anybody help me. I don´t understand the problem with my computer. On other computers it works fine. I don´t know what I have to do to fix this problem. I need help!!!!:mad:

  • It could just be taking a long time to load.

  • Are you playing Telltale's version or GameTap's?

    What are your system specs? Have you tried different settings in the game options (i.e. lower graphics settings or windowed mode instead of full screen)?

    When this happens, are you able to press Esc on the keyboard to get into the menu?

  • 1. it´s right, that it could be taking a long time to load but 30 minutes is a little bit to long don´t you think ;)

    2. yes i tried every setting in the game options and when I walk through the door of stinkys diner evertime happens this!!! I can´t go to the menu with ESC because my computer do nothing. I have to switch it off, because nothing works after this.:( I play Telltales´s version of Ice Station Santa.

    3. my system is Windows XP with AMD Athlon 3200+, 1 GB RAM and Graphiccard Radeon 9600 with catalyst 5.4 update. I have downloaded a new upadate for my Graphiccard but it hadn´t fix it. I have a second computer and on this one it works fine. Season one works fine too. I don´t understand where the problem is...

  • Sounds like you have a corrupt download. Try re-downloading / reinstalling your game (keep the save files of course!). If this doesn't work, let me know.

  • dear will...

    IT WORKS!!!!:D Thank you so much... I have re-downloaded/ and re-installed it and now it works fantastic. I´m really happy. And thank you too Emily for your help. Tellltale you´re awesome!! :D;)

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