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Episode 2: Starved For Help Chapter 7

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I just recently played through Episode 2 and I am stuck on Chapter 7 in the showdown with Brenda. I have tried every solution mentioned on the forums. I have tried the following 'solutions' but none have had any success:

I have used the rewind function to go back to Chapter 6.
I have tried inching my way forward toward Brenda.
I have tried inching my way forward by flicking the stick and then quickly pulling the LS back.
I have inched forward and waited 10 seconds before inching forward again.
I have tried inching forward and spamming the 'X' button as I go.

No matter what I try, I cannot get the dialogue box to appear. My controller is brand new, so it cannot be responsible for this problem. I have been trying desperately to get this to work, as I absolutely loved this series before this happened.

Thank you for your time,


EDIT: I just deleted and reinstalled the game and it worked.

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