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Clem was always going to go missing..

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Clue 1:

lee finds clem and they instantly bond, to a point where they will do anything to stay together.

clue 2:

lee tells clem he'll never leave, i'll take care of you 'till we find your parents'

clue 3

lee tells clem to stick by him.

clue 4

clem gets really annoyed if lee swears

clue 5

clem will always guilt lee if he says no, stay put, then she goes in/ahead anyway

clue 6

the camp man/creepy dude outside the house watching her (imo oberson, you got a problem with my theory gtfo/stfu)

since people where still around the house and clem was with people she was safe but then upon molly rescuing kenny/lee/clem lee returns to find no one knows where she is a foreshadowing moment and the 7th clue.

any i missed ? thoughts ?

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